I'm David Tiao, a third year undergraduate studying computer engineering in Southern California. My hobbies and passions span across quite a few different fields; with this website, I hope to share with you two of the things that have the most significance in my life: computers and photography. As you look through the photography section of my website, I hope you enjoy the photos  that I have gathered across my many adventures. Currently, I'm dabbling in portrait and cosplay photography, so some of the works in that album might seem pretty amateurish. The goal for the rest of the year? Get better at it! 

Moving forward, if you are interested in engineering and technology, make sure to check out the technical side of my website! You can go back to the welcome page to get there, or click here.  There, you can check out some of my DIY projects and other cool tech things that I'm doing. Any questions, go check out the FAQ page. Enjoy your stay!