This was a group project for an introductory engineering course that I took at University of California, Irvine. The goal was to create a working multi-rotor aircraft that is capable of mapping height of objects located below it, along with knowing where its own position was within a closed space. In addition, the final product must be presentable and organized, similar to an actual business prototype presentation/pitch. The course and project was also to teach the importance of time management, working in a team with other people, and professionalism. For my own role, I was in charge of code development and the wiring layout design. With our team's combined effort, we took first place in the final competition, where everyone's designs and work were put to the test. 


One of my curiosities has always been RFID, keycard entry systems, and how they worked. After attending a lockpicking event at ICS day at UC Irvine, the thought came to me: If one can pick a physical lock, then why not also locks powered by digital systems? After doing some research, I stumbled across BishopFox's RFIDTastic Project, where a HID MaxiProx unit was modified with an Arduino and some other parts in order to enable logging and saving of any RFID card that comes into range for later viewing. From their project, I took a provided parts list, modified it a little bit, and built my own version of the RFIDTastic. My version involves a cheaper HID reader, different housing, and slightly different components however, with the same end goal. I took the final product and demoed it to the Cyber@UCI club on campus, and am hoping to work with them on RFID security research and similar projects. 


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